All About ME!


Me…me…me…me.  What do I say about me?!?

I was born on a storm day in late September.  Too early?  Well I had a sandwich for lunch today.  Too late?  Let’s find a happy medium.  When I came to college I was a typical small town girl.  A few close friends but no one I could point to and say, “Them.  They are the cause for all of my headaches, ulcers, and anger.”  I was going to be a music teacher in high school and would one day grow up to be rich and famous.  As I finish up my Communication studies degree now I want to get a job in Christian radio and I want to play my music for people but because I know that Genesis 12:2 says that Abraham and his descendants are supposed to be a blessing to the world.  As you may have noticed…that’s a little bit of a jump from what I wanted to do when I got here.  So what happened in the past five years?

Me & Dad

Me & Dad

Freshman year was a lot like high school.  A bunch of hyper girls taking classes and spending their spare time driving all the adults around them crazy.  Classes ended in early May and on May 17th my life changed forever in more ways than one.  But the one big one was this: I lost one of my closest friends in the world.  Kayla Paige and I had gone to elementary, middle, and high school together.  She came to all of my concerts.  She even helped me with some harmony for a performance for our senior class.  She was a good friend.  We didn’t always see eye to eye…but now I can see that is something that makes a good friend.  Someone who doesn’t agree with you on EVERY aspect of your life.  That’s how you grow.  6 months later another good friend lost her 4 year battle with cancer.  6 months later another friend.  6 months later another.  Then an uncle.  Then another uncle.  And then my grandfather.  And somewhere in the middle of all of that.  Myself.

IMG_1930Now I’m 23.  I’m living in Boone, NC.  Working Friday nights in Winston-Salem at WBFJ’s “Crossroad Radio” show.  Taking society and technology trying to finish up my degree.  Sharing a house with three AWESOME girls and a sweet collie.  Sharing a room with a hamster name Sir Reginald Pepperidge and a golden retriever mix named Lord Stewart Rigsby.  Listening to myself, wearing a “Phantom of the Opera” t-shirt, getting ready to eat some chicken and watch some “Friends”.  Now, I could choose to disclose how I worked through things (or how I am currently working through things) but what fun would that be?  I’d rather keep this blogsite open as a discussion!  So I’ll be sharing thoughts, emotions, and revelations for a long time.  The important thing to know right now is this.

Photo on 7-19-12 at 3.03 PMThis.  Is.  Me.
I write songs about everything in my life.  Actually…God writes songs about things that happen in my life.  Then He graciously lets me sing them.  He is a great God.  I am a small person.  But I am a small person realizing slowly but surely that I can be great ONLY if I rely on my great God.  I love to sing the songs we write…and I would love to share them with you!  If you are planning a special event and are looking for some musical entertainment: I’M YOUR GIRL!!!  Feel free to explore my site, e-mail me with questions, and I hope to meet you soon!

And until then…”May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.”  (1 Thessalonians 5:18)


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