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Born and raised in Mount Airy, North Carolina, Maggie Lowe was introduced to music at an early age.  Before she was born, actually!  Her father introduced her to the Allman Brother’s before she was her own person and she knew Kenny G before she knew how to spell her own name.  With this eclectic musical taste, she began songwriting in the sixth grade.  As she grew, so did her abilities and soon she was playing the songs God had given her anytime she had the chance.

Maggie did her undergraduate work at Appalachian State University where she received a bachelor of science degree in communication studies (2014).  Her minor was in religious studies, and it was in that coursework where her love of God grew into a love of learning more about Him.

Since that time, Maggie has participated in mission trips, women’s retreats, girl’s seminars, worship services, and fundraisers.  She has also started speaking at different events.  In addition to sharing the Word of God at events, she has begun sharing the word of God through storying.  Bible storying is a new trend in evangelism where Gospel sharers tell the stories of the Bible instead of reading them.  Maggie has received training in Bible storying from e3 Partners, the parent organization of the powerful “I Am Second” movement.  She is very excited about teaching more people about this amazing tool so that they can use it as they witness.

Maggie is currently enrolled in a Biblical studies certification program through Gordon Conwell Theological Seminary and a master’s level certification program in worship leadership through Grand Canyon University.  She will finish both of these programs in 2017.

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