The Shack – Devo #1

Good morning loved ones of God!  I hope all is well for you as we enter this new week of devotions.  I’ve got a mug of coffee to my left and a Nalgene of water to my right…so let’s get started this morning.

I’m picking new releases for these devotions just by which ones I like the most.  Personal taste!  But I have started looking at some new criteria.  One of the reasons I chose this CD is because it has different artists.  I thought that would be a cool new thing to try!  Also, if you haven’t checked this soundtrack out yet, it’s about half country singers and half contemporary Christian singers which is pretty cool!

Next thing you need to know is this: I have not read the book…I have not seen the movie.  I just really like the music on this CD!  This is not a The Shack devotion…it is a soundtrack devotion.  Let’s rock n’ roll! Continue reading

Yellow Balloons – Devo #4

Can you believe it is already Thursday?  I can.  Because I’m writing this on Friday.  See what I did there?  Lets dive into this thing.  This song is awesome!  You’re gonna love it!

Devo #4: “Masterpiece”

This song uses art terms to highlight some of the greatest attributes of our great God.  It’s very masterful.  See what I did there?  Oooh!  I’m on fire this morning.

This coffee sure is working…
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One-Way Conversations – Devo #5

Now, I’m sure some of you are done with Hollyn.  I’ve actually heard a lot of people talk about how they can’t stand when Christian singers do songs that are not explicitly about Jesus.  If I’m being honest, I was that way at one time.  But no more, and now I love songs that apply to other areas of my life.  That is where this song comes in.  I need everyone reading this who is in a toxic relationship to perk their ears up…this one is for you.

Devo #5:  “Go”

So here’s the deal.  This song has a lot of different directions to go in.  First, let me speak on one I know nothing about.  That sounds good right?  Let’s talk about those toxic relationships I mentioned above. Continue reading

One-Way Conversation – Devo #3

I recognize that many people probably don’t think about it or care at all, but let’s talk about Christian love songs for a hot second.  Because Hollyn is making them hot!

Devo #3: “All My Love”

So, yeah.  Christian love songs.  Is it something you’ve thought of?  Looked into?  Recognized?  There are some great ones!  (I’ll post about some of them later this week!)  But Hollyn’s are hot.  They’re cool because they fit into the music young people are rocking last night.  So much of Christian music is music that is different from what is popular right now.  Especially for teenagers, music that is more “culturally relevant” (blech…I hate that phrase!) is a really great tool. Continue reading

Canopy – Devo #3

This song tho!  It’s about exactly who you think it’s about.

Devo #3: “Purple Dinosaur”


Yeah.  That just happened.

Oh y’all.  I’m so excited about this song.  Nobigdyl. points out that the message of the theme song for “Barney” really is an awesome one especially in this day and age.  I think we can all agree, however, that song is a little…irritating?  Yeah.  That’s a good word for it. But it is a message we definitely need to hear and be sharing!

“I love you and,
and you love me, yeah,
that’s how it be, yeah,
that’s how it be, yeah.”

To be entirely honest.  I don’t have any other words.  Go check this song out and go into your day with peace.  Thinking on these words:

“Let me give you a new command: Love one another.  In the same way I loved you, you love one another.  This is how everyone will recognize that you are my
disciples – when they see the love you have for each other.”
(John 13:34-35, MSG)

Canopy – Devo #2

Good morning!  Hope you enjoyed yesterday’s devotional.  And I’m assuming you did since you’re back again today.  The first day was the first track and the second day is the second track!

Devo #2: “Burn”

I love the raw honesty of these clean rappers and this song is the perfect example.  This song is all about jealousy.  Oooh…I’m hittin’ on a nerve with somebody here I’m sure.  (Probably just me…).  Nobigdyl talks about not being able to feel content because he is trying so hard to be as good as everyone else in the rap game.  And not just as good…but better.

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