WORD TO THE WISE: Sick dogs, Holy Milk, and Bike Rides

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WORD TO THE WISE: Mountains, Names, & Working from Home

Oh good Sunday morning to all my people out there in the internet!  Okay…that was like…meant to come across super cheerful and the fact of the matter is, I’m writing this through closed eyes, too tired to go turn on the Keurig.  I’m literally waiting to have my coffee until it comes on automatically at six.  Forty five more minutes.  But thats not going to keep me from telling y’all about my big experiences this week.
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WORD TO THE WISE:  Bursting, Orality, and Church Coffee

So…I have to be honest.  I’m a little ticked off right now.  You see…I just spent a good thirty minutes writing this post…and then God saw fit to have me lose it to the great wide internetal beyond.  I didn’t want to lose it.  I didn’t want to spend time writing it again. I liked what I wrote the first time.  But I did.  And it’s gone.  So here I am, writing it over again. If you don’t like it…feel free to not tell me.   Continue reading